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intelaHome: Product Information

intelaHome is a simple to use web-based portal designed for consumers to manage and monitor their home and/or office's energy and smart home products. In addition it is a powerful energy auditing system that provides real time information regarding electric, water, and gas usage.

The intelaHome customer portal provides the ability for utilities to reduce peak demand by enabling customers to conserve energy through a password protected online portal. Customers obtain real time visibility into their energy consumption and costs and through circuit-level management (i.e. how much energy is consumed by each appliance). Customers can also obtain detailed cost savings information related to their participation in utility-sponsored demand response programs (i.e. charging low rates during off-peak periods to reduce peak demand).

For the first time, customers can control costs and conserve energy through an online management tool that is as easy-to-use as online banking. With a few clicks, customers can create a personal energy profile to automatically optimize energy usage based on consumption patterns and utility rate schedules.

Customers can access easy-to-understand data comparing their live usage with similar homes in their area and be notified when a device's energy consumption is not normal (i.e. the hot water heater is not functioning properly and using 15% more energy than it should).

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