ecoNet SL

ecoNet SL: Product Information

The ecoNet Street Light Communication Gateway provides the central link between endpoint devices and your utility's mission-critical systems, enabling intelligent network control and monitoring. Simple no-tool-required twist and lock installation between the street light and existing photocell sensor greatly simplifies the installation process and drives TCO down significantly. A sophisticated MESH communication technology provides ubiquitous coverage throughout the network at a low cost. ecoNet smart grid gateways support 3 standards-based communication technologies, Ethernet (RJ45), ZigBee(802.15.4) and WIFI (802.11N). ecoNet's patent pending management software provides the ability to mix and match the different systems to achieve maximum efficiency in the network while also providing redundancy in the network. ecoNet provides a scalable broadband infrastructure that will perform well into the future. It features robust security to ensure full regulatory compliance and network safety. The ecoNet gateway provides a highly-reliable connection to Nexgrid's intelligent end point products which include electricity, water, and gas meters over a secure infrastructure. ecoNet gateways communicate with third party devices to create a platform for Demand Side Management, Smart Home, and other Utility asset devices that require communication.

Additionally the ecoNet SL monitors the streetlight for energy consumption usage, outage detection and allows for custom on/off programming. Lights can be controlled in a more intelligent and efficient manner than provided by the standard photocell, and monitoring in real time reduces truck rolls and overall maintenance.

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